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Urban Online Clothing Store in Gauteng. OverDose® Urban Apparel is a brand associated with the production and selling of urban fashion Hip Hop Streetwear. OverDose® is a company that manages the brand and trademarks. We coordinate the production, manufacture, distribute, market and promotion all of the OverDose® online clothing brand. The founder and CEO, Monique Williams started designing OverDose® Apparel in 2008 but it was officially launched in April 2018. OverDose® Urban Apparel created an online clothing store to provide their customers with a unique urban fashion style that will suit their comfortably and individuality.
The development of the youth is very important to OverDose® Urban Apparel, giving them the opportunity to scout for young talent. This provides them with the necessary business and entrepreneurship skills, taking into account the industry they would like to be exposed to. An online clothing brand with a twist, Overdose® Urban Apparel has started the ManHers Mentorship & Entrepreneurship Initiative. It aims to help young people with no financial resources and living with drug addiction, to achieve their dreams. 10% of the proceeds from purchased apparel items go to the initiative.

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ManHers Mentorship & Entrepreneurship Initiative was born using OverDose® Urban Apparel as a platform to inspire youth all over the world to mentor & empower underprivileged and unemployed youth by partnering business leaders, who will nurture and enhance their talents. The initiative is something we believe in and absolutely sure that the purpose thereof, will aid in decreasing unemployment in South Africa by equipping youth with tools they do not realise they possess, themselves. We want to give them hope and have them believe in their ability, their passion but most of all that dream everyone says they will fail at, a dream big enough to change their lives and that of the “Generation Next.”

OverDose® Urban Apparel initiated this initiative believing in its purpose and its mandate to change lives. OverDose® Urban Apparel was Monique Williams (Founder & CEO) saviour. “Being a drug addict myself, I have been sober since 2008 and designing streetwear was my saving grace.” We would like to help young people across the country that have no financial resources and living with drug addiction, to achieve their dreams. We at OverDose® would like to give that same hope, enthusiasm, overcoming obstacles and challenges, to our youth of South Africa. We want to make a difference, so they can make a difference.”

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